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With more than 15 years' experience in metal work industry, NIC is located in the World Factory, Dongguan, China, serving to various industries, providing various metal works and one-stop supporting services. NIC mainly specialized in machining manufacturing, stamping, verious components developing, with stamping machines, automatic lathe, horizontal CNC machining center, vertical CNC machining center, in total more than 60 sets.

NIC位于有世界工厂之称的城市-东莞,拥有超过15年的五金加工经验,向国内外提供五金部件解决方案和一站式采购服务。主营业务包括机加工,冲压,五金相关产品开发。拥有冲压机,自动车床,卧式CNC, 立式CNC合计60余台。

NIC only to do domestic business before 2018, in order to further broaden the scope of business,  founded foreign trade department, vision is to provide foreign customers with Low-cost High-quality China solution.


15 years’ operation, NIC established a stable cooperative business-ship with local fastener, surface treating processing, soldering assembly, to provide customers with one-stop service. Quality is the most important factor in NIC. To control the quality, NIC built a strict quality inspection team, take care material, dimensions, surface treatment, assembly testing, package inspection.  Quality team have hardness tester, salt spray tester, 2D and 3D projector, material analyzer, abrasive resistance tester and other a series of machines.


We come from China, to provide customers with global quality, do Nice work!




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